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In Australia, and I believe to some extent in the UK, Private Health Insurance Companies pay for their clients to have Acupuncture. This decision was taken, not so much because these companies suddenly became aware of the efficacy of Acupuncture treatment, but because they found that for the minimal expenditure their clients were applying to Acupuncture, they were generally more healthy and less in need of the more expensive medical investigations and procedures.


Traditional Acupuncture treatment today is performed in safe, hygienic clinics. Patients are able to spend more time with their practitioner discussing their condition and the emotional and lifestyle issues that may contribute to their health concerns. Diets, lifestyle and exercise programs are discussed in a private and peaceful atmosphere. When Acupuncture treatment is applied, your practitioner will explain the reason for, and the approach to your treatment.


As an Alternative to Western Medicine, Acupuncture provides a safe and holistic approach to health. It looks at the whole body, the causes and nature of the illness and offers a more natural approach to treatment.


As a Complementary Therapy, acupuncture can work in harmony with Western Medicine, helping to control pain, alleviate the side effects of western drugs (e.g. nausea from chemotherapy) and to facilitate a quicker overall recovery (e.g. by boosting the patients own immune system)


There may be some truth in the somewhat exaggerated saying 'Western Medicine is great at diagnosis, but poor at treatment' Though expensive, with the advances in modern diagnostic techniques and medical imaging, your condition can be readily and often accurately defined. It is the treatment that is sometimes unable to match the glory of the discovery . Sequelae of stroke - physiotherapy and occupational therapy. Early treatment with Acupuncture is often very effective. Osteoarthritis - anti-inflammatory drugs with unsatisfactory side effects - Acupuncture relieves pain and increases mobility. Migraine - expensive drugs that may relieve pain but can have unwanted side effects and do little to alleviate further attacks - Acupuncture helps with the pain and treats the causes. And so on.


Even more difficult to treat in Western Medicine is that group of conditions where a definitive medical diagnosis is not forthcoming. Consider ME, sometimes referred to as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome . For a long time it was believed that patients suffering from this condition were simply malingerers. Subsequently they were (and still are) treated with anti depressants, and /or long-term, low dose antibiotics. More often than not the side effects of the medication, and the emotional stresses associated with the uncertainty of the nature of their diagnosis, compound the problem. Rarely is their condition improved.


Chinese Medicine treats many conditions such as these that Western Medicine finds difficult to treat . With simple pragmatic approaches based on a complex system of diagnosis a TCM practitioner will advise on a course of treatment. This may include Acupuncture and /or Chinese Herbs as well as dietary and lifestyle regimes. As the patient improves the treatments are varied to accommodate the changes and support the improvements.

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