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Auriculotherapy is a term used to describe the treatment of pain, muscular skeletal disorders, and a broad range of medical conditions by the application of massage, low energy laser or acupuncture needles to specific locations on the ear.

Auriculotherapy, and by extension, Auriculomedicine, was discovered and developed into a profoundly effective treatment protocol by a French doctor named Paul Nogier. In the early 1950's he was able to determine the somatotopic presentation of the inverted fetus in the ear, the anatomic regions of the fetus corresponding to specific zones of the ear. This led to a lifetime of continued research which took auricular therapy from the initial simple reflexive treatments to a powerful therapy that can both identify and treat specific body systems, parts or functions that are in disharmony.
Although there are historical references to ear acupuncture in China, it was not until Dr Nogiers discoveries that advances in ear acupuncture progressed in China. In respecting that, the Chinese acknowledged his contribution by describing him as the 'Father of modern Ear Acupuncture’.
But Auriculotherapy is much more than ear acupuncture. Traditional Chinese Medical training provides a powerful background, a theoretical basis for diagnosis and an approach to treatment, but it is not Auriculotherapy or Auriculomedicine.
Dr Nogier noticed that there was a distinct change in the amplitude and dimension of the Pulse when certain points on the auricle were stimulated. This consistently occurs, is repeatable and is measurable by modern equipment. Dr Nogier called it the Vascular Autonomic Sign or VAS. Being able to detect the VAS on the radial pulse of (generally) the patients’ left hand enables the practitioner to precisely determine the location of a point, whether there is a pathology in the region of the body that relates to specific points, and whether certain substances (foods, medicines, herbs etc) are appropriate. Being able to use the VAS in diagnosis and treatment is a distinct advantage for Auriculotherapy and Auriculomedicine.
Auriculotherapy uses the ear to help determine whether right and left hemispheres of the brain function as a dynamic whole, whether there are specific neurological, musculo-skeletal or organ systems that are in imbalance, and whether there are any blockages to treatments such as scar tissue or emotional disorders. It is diagnostic. Treatment is specific and points are precisely located by reference to the VAS pulse. Accuracy is important.
Auriculotherapy can be used to treat the same range of health conditions as Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is safe, comfortable and highly effective. Painful conditions often respond very quickly to Auriculotherapy.

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