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Chinese Medicine is ancient. It has evolved over thousands of years to become one of the early sciences. At least 2000 years ago intellectuals and practitioners theorised the actions of points, plants, body systems and the considered these interactions in macrocosmic and microcosmic detail. Different schools of thought arose and they debated and challenged their theories with practical trials and observations, compiling a body of knowledge and techniques that could be repeated and proved.


Today we are the recipients of that body of knowledge. Chinese medicine as detailed in the Classics is taught in Universities and Colleges around the world. The general consensus is that a practitioner needs minimum 3 years full time tuition to reach a graduate diploma level.


If you are seeking Acupuncture treatment based on the diagnostic principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and using a body of knowledge that has been established over the past two thousand years, then it is advisable to seek a formally trained practitioner. There are now available short courses, some as short as one weekend that purport to train persons in the art of Acupuncture. This can be dangerous.


There are many practitioners who are members of well-established professional associations that set strict standards of practice for their members, including compulsory continuing professional education, sterilization guidelines and codes of ethics. Choose your practitioner from one of those.



Jim Chalmers Acupuncture
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